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Did You Know?

ECN provides customer service that is second to none. ECN's knowledgeable and courteous staff members handle all tasks with enthusiasm and professionalism. They pay attention to every detail, documenting all matters that occur on a file and communicating that information to the client.

ECN is sensitive to strict time frames and deadlines when handling automobile and personal injury claims. Reports are delivered electronically within five to seven business days of the date of an IME or the date the records are provided to a reviewing physician.

Hospital Peer Reviews

Objective Hospital Peer Review is essential to raising quality of care, reducing costs, avoiding expensive litigation, enhancing hospital reputation and protecting JCAHO accreditation. Unfortunately, doctors on in-house committees often lack the specialist expertise to effectively assess their peers. Tight-knit social and professional relationships can lead to bias and reluctance to pass judgment on associates. Furthermore, peer review does not receive high priority in the busy schedule of medical staff – pushed to the bottom of the list, evaluations are either untimely or don’t get done at all.

ECN offers Hospital Peer Review’s which ensure impartial quality medical management, saving you time, money, and most importantly, your reputation. 

We assign peer reviewers who have experienced the same type of clinical situation present in the claim.

You can rely on unprejudiced, evidence-decisions from independent reviewers with no relationship to the treating physician.

Hospital Peer Reviews are completed within 21-28 business days, improving the timeliness of your quality management process.

Call or email us for a free assessment of your Quality Management and Peer Review processes. We’ll provide you with immediate feedback on how we can help.

             “You can rely on unprejudiced, evidence-decisions from independent
               reviewers with no relationship to the treating physician.”