About ECN

ECN & Continuing Education

In addition to all of the value added services mentioned here, ECN is a certified and accredited provider for Continuing Education. Our diverse array of programs is continually updated to bring our clients the most current information.

Our Continuing Education programs are available on an as needed basis and are done on site for your convenience. For a current list of courses, please click here.

Exam Coordinators Network
6111 Broken Sound Parkway NW
Suite 207
Boca Raton Florida 33487
Toll Free: 877-463-9463
Local: 561-392-5001
Fax: 561-392-5881
Email: info@ecnime.com

Did You Know?

ECN is solely owned and operated by attorneys and physicians who have extensive knowledge of the complex legal and medical issues which arise when handling medical injury and disability claims.

We consider ourselves your business partner and will customize our services to meet your company’s needs.

Why ECN?

ECN (Exam Coordinators Network) is a leading national provider of medical expert procurement and independent medical review services. Our clients include Insurance Carriers, Attorneys, Workers Compensation Case Managers, Long and Short term Disability Case Managers, Public and Private Risk Managers, Hospitals, Large and Small Corporations, and Third Party Administrators. Our nationally acclaimed panel of medical experts includes physicians in all medical specialties and allied health professions.

ECN’s services are competitively priced. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through the exceptional service level that we provide, including:

• Each file is reviewed by a physician and/or attorney;

• All examinations and medical record reviews are scheduled in compliance with various state and federal laws as well as agency regulations;

• ECN and its owners are certified instructors for continuing education courses in a number of states. ECN will provide on-site continuing education and training to its clients at substantially reduced rates (see below for further information);

• ECN understands that communication is vital to an efficient case management system. With "up to the minute" technology, ECN’s clients are able to access "real time" case information over the internet;

• ECN can provide monthly, quarterly, or yearly case management report summaries tailored to meet your company’s needs;;

• Through its nationwide offices, ECN is able to provide "local service on a national level". ECN offers free on site photocopy services, medical record pick up (including imaging studies) and RUSH services.

ECN will work hard to exceed your expectations. We strive to bring you products and services which are innovative, efficient and economical.
If you are seeking reliable expert medical witness procurement and independent medical examination scheduling, ECN is an outstanding choice.