Family Medical Leave Act & ADA

Third Party Medical Expertise

ECN is your strategic business partner for reducing unnecessary employee absenteeism through our independent employee medical leave request reviews!

ECN provides valuable third-party medical expertise that helps your organization:

• Determine if an employee is eligible for FMLA, workers compensation, or disability benefits

• Control absences and expedite return to work

• Partner with your organization’s human resource department to develop customized employee absenteeism cost reduction programs.

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Strategic Control

By medically managing each claim to achieve the optimum conclusion, ECN procures information for employers to assist them in excercising greater control over the duration and cost of their employee’s medical leave.

ECN assists in estimating an employee’s anticipated time away from work so that employers can make decisions about shifting work among co-workers or hiring replacement/temporary workers. The information procured by ECN can greatly enhance return to work programs.

ECN can help reduce costs relating to employee medical issues; costs which are responsible for more than 50% of a company's healthcare expenses. It is not unusual for such costs to account for 8% to 10% of total payroll costs. Besides the "hard dollar" costs of unscheduled employee absences, "soft costs" such as lost productivity and management time and the subsequent effects on other employees put additional pressure on HR departments and the companies for which they work.

ECN assists employers and business owners to take steps to reduce the costs associated with employee medical absenteeism by

Independent medical consultants, such as ECN, are critical in ensuring that an employer's medical leave program and policy is applied fairly and consistently to all employees. ECN will advise an employer's human resource professionals about the medical aspects of a requested leave of absence (LOA). In particular, ECN can work with strategically oriented HR professionals in dealing with employee and workforce issues in ways that will allow them to positively affect their companies' bottom lines. Spending countless hours trying to reach a healthcare provider or reviewing paperwork and often illegible medical certifications does allow HR professionals to fully utilize the strategic skills that they possess.

ECN’s Quality Services include:

FMLA Administration

ECN can provide full FMLA administration services. In this role, ECN will act as an extension of your human resource department. ECN will take care of all aspects of the medical information verification process including contacting and havingdiscussions with the employee's healthcare providers as well as obtaining medical records and documentation as necessary (to the extent allowed by law) in order to gain a full understanding of the employee's medical condition.

Where a 2nd Opinion Examination may be required, ECN will take care of all notification letters to the physician and the employee (if requested by the employer), scheduling, rescheduling, and tracking of "no shows". For convenience, we offer on-site medical records copy and delivery services where needed. ECN is also able to pass along to its clients the discounts that it receives from physicians; therefore, the fees associated with a 2nd Opinion Examination that is scheduled by ECN are often lower than what an employer would pay if it had arranged for the examination directly.

“ECN can help reduce costs associated with employee absenteeism.”