Multiple Specialty Requested
I. Requested By
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II. Type of Review Requested
Independent Medical Examination Jurisdiction of Exam  
Early Assessment    
Functional Capacity Evaluation
Worker's Compensation Case
Specialty Requested:
Other (Please Specify)

III. Claimant Information
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Minor? No Gender  
Special Needs of Examinee:

IV. Injury Information
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Injury Claimed (Include body part and CPT codes if available)  
 Type of Claim:
 Other (Please Specify)

V. Treating Provider
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VI. Claimant's Attorney
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VII. Please Have Independent Examiner Address the following issues:

Causation of injury
Preexisting injuries
Further treatment reasonable, related, necessary?
Further diagnostic testing necessary?
Prior diagnostic testing reasonable and necessary?
Prior treatment reasonable, related, & necessary?
Any restrictions (work / daily living)?
Preaccident status reached?
Disability rating?
Other issues to be addressed (including additional information regarding loss)

Type the number:

6111 Broken Sound Parkway NW, #207, Boca Raton, FL 33487   T:877-463-9463   T:561-392-5001   F:561-392-5881